For women, personal hygiene is routine practices for cleaning the genitals and their surroundings and protecting their health. Here are some personal hygiene steps that are important for women:

Vagina cleaning: The vagina has a structure that cleans itself naturally and does not need a special cleaning under normal conditions. However, the external genitalia can be cleaned daily with a mild soap and water. Warm water should be preferred as using hot water can cause irritation. Wiping from front to back after the toilet also reduces the risk of infection.

Use of sanitary pads: Using sanitary pads during menstruation ensures a clean absorption of blood and prevents leaks. It is important to change the pads regularly, usually every 3-4 hours or as needed.

Daily pad use: Daily pads are used to absorb or maintain discharge on days other than menstruation. These pads should be changed daily and kept fresh.

Toilet hygiene: It is important to wipe from front to back after using the toilet. A clean toilet paper or wet wipe can be used. Afterwards, hands should be washed thoroughly.

Underwear selection: Cotton underwear is preferred to protect the health of the vagina. Synthetic materials can cause perspiration and moisture build-up, increasing the risk of infection.

Sanitary pads and tampons: Using sanitary pads or tampons during menstruation allows blood to be absorbed. Changing the products used regularly reduces the risk of infection.

Frequently washed clothes: Clean and frequently washed underwear and clothes provide a hygienic environment. Leaving dirty clothes on the body for a long time can lead to the proliferation of microorganisms and infections.

Not sharing the materials used: It is important not to share personal hygiene materials such as towels, underwear, sanitary pads, combs, brushes with other people. In this way, the risk of infection is reduced.

Regular gynecological examinations: Regular


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