Babies are individuals whose immune systems are still developing and therefore more vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, paying attention to babies' hygiene is of great importance for their healthy growth and development.

The Importance of Hygiene in Babies

The importance of hygiene in babies can be listed as follows:

It helps prevent diseases. Babies have a higher risk of contracting diseases because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Babies who are cleaned regularly can more easily get rid of germs that accumulate on their skin and mucosa. This helps prevent diseases.
Protects skin health. Babies' skin is more sensitive than adults. Skin problems (nappy rash, eczema, etc.) are more common in babies who are not cleaned and moisturized regularly.
It makes them feel comfortable. Babies who are clean and well-groomed feel more comfortable and happy.
Hygiene Rules for Babies

Here are some basic rules to consider for baby hygiene:

The umbilical cord should be washed with warm water and soap every day until it falls off.
Bottom cleaning should be done at every diaper change.
Babies' hands should be washed before and after meals.
Babies' nails should be cut regularly.
Babies' hair and head should be washed at least once a week.
Clothes and towels used by babies should be washed regularly.
Environmental Hygiene of Babies

The hygiene of the environment where babies live is also important for the health of babies. The baby's environment should be cleaned regularly. Especially the baby's toys and pacifiers should be washed regularly.

As a result, paying attention to babies' hygiene is an important step for their healthy growth and development.

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