Nappia Cotton Disc 80 Pieces has an ideal softness that will allow you to remove make-up from the skin in the most gentle way. In this way, it does not cause any irritation even on the most sensitive skin types and can be preferred safely.

It can be used to remove both face and eye make-up. Produced untouched by human hands in fully automatic machines, Nappia Cotton Disc 80 Pieces contributes to perfect make-up removal when used with appropriate cleansers. The usage area of ​​disc cotton, which has the feature of deep and effective cleaning, is not limited to make-up removal only. Because it provides comfortable use, it is considered one of the indispensable elements of skin care routines such as toning for many people.

It has a wide and flat surface. For this reason, it helps clean different parts of the face, especially the forehead and cheek areas, in a fast, practical and comfortable way. Products in the form of toners and lotions, which are an integral part of skin care routines, can be best applied with disc cotton.

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