What is Menstruation?
Menstruation, also known as menstruation, is vaginal bleeding that occurs in monthly cycles. As the egg, the female reproductive cell, matures in the ovarian reserve, the inner tissue of the uterus begins to thicken. If fertilization does not occur, the thickened tissue is shed and removed from the body through the vagina, along with some blood.

What is good for menstrual pain?

Bathroom: Taking a shower with warm water or, if possible, spending time in a bathtub filled with warm water can relieve menstrual pain.
Regular Sleep: Maintaining sleep patterns during menstrual periods is a good way to cope with menstrual pain. Sleeping more or less than usual can cause menstrual cramps to increase or worsen.
It can make you feel too much.

Proper Nutrition: One way to reduce menstrual pain is to eat light. Consuming low-fat and fibrous foods is effective in reducing pain, aches and cramps felt in the abdominal area. Consuming dark green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits may be beneficial. In addition, consuming foods rich in Omega 3, zinc, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6 and E, which are effective in reducing muscle tension, is effective in reducing the negative effects experienced during the menstrual period. Avoiding fatty or fried foods can also be good for menstrual pain.

Water Consumption: Although consuming plenty of water during menstruation is not effective in reducing pain, it helps remove edema in the body, which causes pain to be felt more severely. Consumption of products that reduce the amount of water in the body, such as alcohol and salt, should be minimized. In addition, the consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks should be limited, as products containing caffeine will cause menstrual pain to be felt more severely.
Hot Water Bag: Keeping the abdominal area warm is effective in reducing the aches and pains experienced during menstrual period.

Massage: A short-term massage to the abdominal area a few days before the menstrual period can accelerate the blood flow in the area and make the person feel better during the menstrual period.

Exercise: When the body takes action, endorphin hormone is secreted in the body. Walking at a light pace and doing simple exercises at home can be good for menstrual pains.

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