Nappia pads provide up to 100% comfort and safety. They are produced with natural bamboo absorbent fibers woven with pure water.
It has a 100% organic cotton upper surface and bamboo fibers that increase dryness with its breathable design and has been dermatologically tested.
Does not contain paraben, dye, plastic, perfume, lotion, latex, chlorine, colorant pattern; Thanks to its hypoallergenic inner surface and ultra-thin nature, you can continue your exercises without interruption and go to the gym with peace of mind.
Nappia Slim Pads are so thin that you will not notice their presence, and besides, Nappia slim pads provide odor control with absorbent particles. Odor neutralizing technology is used to make you feel fresh and safe all day long.
Nappia Ultra Active, ultra soft and ultra thin daily pads, which prevent noise with their special structure, provide comfort and confidence while on the move with a better fit to the body.
Daily pads, which are dermatologically proven to be sensitive to the skin, are nature-friendly and have a vegan formula.

Choose a night pad with high absorbency for protection throughout the night. Nappia Platinum Series is designed to provide protection against leaks even during night sleep because our body goes into a resting process at night. But this does not mean that menstrual flow does not continue. Some people even have more discharge at night.
For a good sleep, you should choose Nappia Platinum Night, which has high absorbency that will protect you throughout the night.

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