Nowadays, improving the quality of life and living a healthy life has become one of everyone's priorities. Among these needs, some individuals may need to use adult diapers due to special health conditions or old age. Adult diapers offered by hygiene companies are designed to meet this need and offer their users a safe, comfortable life.

What are Adult Diapers?
Adult diapers are specially designed products, usually with a textile base, waterproof outer surfaces, and absorbent material on the inside. These diapers are specially produced for individuals with urinary incontinence, bed wetness or limited mobility. The absorbent materials they contain quickly absorb liquid and keep the skin dry, thus providing maximum comfort to the user.

In Which Situations Are Adult Diapers Used?
- Urinary Incontinence: It is an ideal solution for individuals who have urinary incontinence problems.
- Physical Disabilities: It can be used in case of movement limitation, increased time spent in bed or bed wetness.
- Old age: It is frequently preferred due to the increased risk of urinary incontinence with age.

The Relationship between Adult Diapers and Skin Health;
Choosing the right adult diaper positively affects skin health. Quality diapers reduce the risk of diaper rash and irritation by keeping the skin dry. Additionally, cloths containing breathable materials allow the skin to breathe, which supports skin health.

Eco-Friendly Adult Diapers;
Hygiene companies are also pioneers in offering environmentally friendly products. By using recyclable materials, adult diapers minimize their impact on the environment. This provides an option that is sensitive to the health of both the user and the planet.

Active Life and Adult Diapers;
Special diaper models designed for individuals who lead an active life have been developed to increase safety and ensure comfort while on the move. Thanks to their flexible structure, the user can continue their daily activities and enjoy their freedom.

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