If you care about your appearance, you should give priority to your hair. Because you can leave your mark in every environment you enter with your healthy, clean, impressive, shiny and fragrant hair. No matter how much you think you care about your hair, you may be wearing them out due to some habits that you are not aware of. Because, unfortunately, there are misconceptions about hair care, as in every subject. Below you can find the most common ones.

1-Hair is better cleaned when washed with very hot water!
One of the most common mistakes in hair care is washing hair with "boiling water"! When you take a bath with very hot water, you may feel the pores on your skin open. However, you should know that your hair and scalp will be negatively affected by this situation. You can dry your hair after washing it with very hot water. Water that is too hot causes the hair to lose its natural moisture. Therefore, you can achieve a healthier result by washing your hair with normal temperature water.

2- Washing your hair every day wears out your hair!
It is also a common misconception that washing your hair every day damages it and makes it dull. Just as your face won't dry out even if you wash it every day, your hair won't dry out either when you use the right products and apply the right washing technique! You should define your hair type well and also decide on the care you will apply to your hair. With this method, you can wash your hair regularly with the shampoo and products you choose.

3- I can wash my hair in minutes!
You're making this mistake because you're racing against time. But keep in mind that you cannot wash your hair properly in less than 5 minutes. Because you need to apply the shampoo to your scalp by gently massaging it with your fingertips. In this way, you also contribute to blood circulation. You should remember that the harsher you treat your hair, the more damage it will cause!

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