What is a Daily Pad?
Unlike pads used during menstrual periods, daily pads have a lighter, thinner and more flexible design, and their liquid absorption capacity is generally slightly lower than normal menstrual pads. For this reason, being a little easier when using them in your daily life may make you forget their existence. However, since there are women who think that since it is a daily pad, it will last all day, we need to give a little more detailed information.

Although daily pads successfully stop the discharge before and after the menstrual period, keeping them under the vagina all day long disrupts the balance of the area and invites infections. Unfortunately, panty liners used to stop postpartum discharge for a few weeks after birth are not as healthy products as you think.

How Should Daily Pads Be Used?
In order to prevent the problems mentioned above, you should change your daily pad several times a day to remove moisture and bacteria resulting from vaginal discharge in that area. Although experts recommend that you change your underwear during the day instead of using these pads, it is a bit difficult to carry your underwear with you all the time and change these underwear everywhere, especially with clothes such as trousers.

Women who have difficulty changing underwear during the day should of course continue to use daily pads. However, not using these pads on days when you do not have discharge and changing them regularly when you use them will provide you with the necessary opportunities for vaginal health.

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