Breastfeeding is a special and beautiful process for mothers. However, some difficulties may occur in this process. Problems such as leaking milk, irritated nipples and diaper rash are among the most common problems faced by breastfeeding mothers. Breast pads are products designed to prevent these problems and make the breastfeeding period more comfortable.

Benefits of breast pads:

Prevents leaks: Breast pads absorb the milk that leaks during breastfeeding, preventing clothes from getting wet and staining.
Prevents irritation: Breast pads protect the nipples from irritation and diaper rash.
Provides comfort: Breast pads help breastfeeding mothers feel more comfortable.

When choosing a breast pad:

Consider what stage of the breastfeeding cycle you are in: Since you will leak more milk in the first months, you need to choose more absorbent pads.
Consider the material: Breast pads can be made from different materials, such as cotton, bamboo or synthetic fabric. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo are more sweat-proof and less likely to cause irritation.
Choose your size: Breast pads are produced in different sizes. It is important to choose a pad that fits your breast size.
Consider stickiness: Breast pads have adhesive strips that allow them to stick to your chest. Be careful that these tapes do not irritate your skin.

When using breast pads:

Change pads after each feeding: Wet pads can cause irritation and diaper rash.
Clean your breasts: Make sure your breasts are clean and dry before applying the pads.
Place the pads correctly: It is important that the absorbent part of the pads is placed so that it covers your nipples.

Alternatives to breast pads:

Milk collector: Milk collectors can be used to collect leaks during breastfeeding.
Lanolin cream: Lanolin cream can be used to protect the nipples from irritation and diaper rash.

Breast pads are products that make the life of breastfeeding mothers easier and help provide a more comfortable breastfeeding experience. You can enjoy the breastfeeding period by choosing and using the right breast pad.

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