Tissues are a disposable paper product widely used in our daily life. They can be used for a variety of needs.
Structure of Paper Tissues
Tissues are mainly composed of cellulose fibres. Cellulose is a natural substance obtained from trees. Tissues may also contain a variety of substances such as moisturizers, perfumes, preservatives and colorants.
Production of Paper Tissues

Tissues can be produced by various methods. The most common method is to turn cellulose fibers into pulp by mixing them with water and then drying this pulp in molds. In this process, cellulose fibers stick together and pulp is formed. The pulp is dried in molds and turned into paper.

Advantages of Paper Tissues
Tissues have several advantages.
It is easy to use. Paper tissues are disposable and therefore very easy to use.
It is hygienic. Since paper tissues are disposable, they can be thrown away without the need for reuse. This is safer in terms of hygiene.
It has various usage areas. Paper tissues have various uses. It can be used for various needs such as facial cleaning, nose wiping, hand cleaning.

These paper towels, which you can use while cooking, wiping countertops, cleaning kitchen utensils or washing your hands in the bathroom, make your cleaning work easier.

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