A breast pad is a pad used to absorb milk leaks from women's mammary glands and prevent clothes from getting wet.
Breast pads are generally used by breastfeeding mothers, but they can also be preferred to control milk leaks during periods of high milk production or after breastfeeding.

Breast pads are usually made of cotton or synthetic materials to absorb milk leaks. Some breast pads contain a silicone or plastic liner that acts as a barrier to prevent milk from coming into contact with the skin.

Breast pads are generally disposable and should be replaced when wet or dirty. Some breast pads are washable and reusable.

Breast pads are an important tool to ensure the comfort and hygiene of women during breastfeeding. By controlling milk leaks, they prevent women's clothes from getting wet and help prevent skin irritation.

Breast pads are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and absorbency levels. It is important to try and compare different products to choose the breast pads that best suit your needs.

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