Is It Okay To Do Sports During Menstruation?

Is It Okay To Do Sports During Menstruation?

Is It Okay To Do Sports During Menstruation?

Is it harmful to do sports while menstruating?
You can find everything you need to know about exercise and menstrual period in this article! Exercising while menstruating is definitely not harmful, so the answer to our question is: No! Many studies say that exercise during menstruation makes women feel much better and reduces pain. Based on this information, the frequently asked question “Is it possible to do sports during menstruation?” We can unequivocally say yes to the question.

Is it okay to do sports while menstruating? We can say yes to the question, because we know scientifically that sports are beneficial during menstruation.

Menstrual exercises help you reduce the problems associated with this period.
Exercising while on your period may not be appealing. But by moving, you will see that the effects such as abdominal pain and fatigue decrease as you continue to do sports. Exercising while you are on your period will do you good. Menstrual exercises help you overcome the problems that come with this period.

When you sweat, you expel water from your body, which helps reduce abdominal swelling. In addition, exercise helps release hormones that improve mood, and there is evidence that these happy hormones reduce menstrual pain. In other words, "is it possible to do sports during menstruation?" We have so many reasons to answer “yes” to the question!

Menstrual period exercises:

Perhaps the best time for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
We answered the question of whether sports can be done during menstruation, now it's time to examine which sports can be done. To do this, first tell your trainer at the gym to write you a program or participate in group activities there. HIIT, which is popular among menstrual exercises, is also among these activities. Since estrogen and progesterone decrease during menstruation, carbohydrates and glycogen are stored more and body fat rate increases compared to high estrogen periods. In other words, this hormone change allows the body to access fuel more easily. That's why you need to reduce the fat stored in the body more quickly. For these reasons, "Is it right to do sports while menstruating?" We can easily answer yes to the question.

The period is cool
During menstruation, the body is actually colder and needs heat. The body tries to help provide more heat by slowing you down during your period. During this period, Hot Yoga can warm your body. It will help you to warm up your body with menstrual period exercises.

There are solutions to relax
Do you know the future date of your period? Don't let menstrual cramps take over you. It's okay to take the painkillers your doctor recommends the day before your period comes. Thus, you will be sure that you will not have pain before going to the gym.

You have to give yourself time
Don't torture yourself if you really don't feel well. Sometimes stretching movements or a light walk can be much better during menstruation. Thus, you can reduce swelling and support blood circulation. Also, sometimes you can do nothing for a day or two.


If your periods keep you from moving every time, you can talk to your doctor and start a treatment that will relieve the symptoms. It's always a good idea to look for an underlying cause of extremely heavy and painful periods!

Does pieces made during sport?
As we mentioned in our article, there is no harm in doing sports while you are on your period, but on the contrary, it has benefits for your body. Therefore, "Is it possible to do sports during menstruation?" We can definitively say yes to the question.

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