What is Sanitary Pad and How Is It Used?

What is Sanitary Pad and How Is It Used?

What is Sanitary Pad and How Is It Used?

You talked to your daughter "about her period" and now that she's had her first period, it's about how to protect herself during her period. With this guide, give him the right advice on how to use sanitary pads and answer his questions with confidence.

Sanitary pads are products that are produced for the menstrual period, provide hygiene in this process, and support the protection of the uterus and cervix. It is easy to use. It is usually attached to the underwear with an adhesive on the back surface and keeps you dry with its absorbent properties on the front surface during the menstrual period.

After all the signs that she will have her period, your daughter has had her first period. Make it easy for him to feel clean and safe all day long by giving him the right advice.

nappia® is always with your loved ones with its unique comfort and superior protection. Let your loved ones enjoy life with nappia® Daily Pads, which offer uninterrupted self-confidence anytime and anywhere thanks to its dry feeling and breathable upper surface.

4 Things You Need To Know About Your Daughter And Using Sanitary Pads

  • How to attach the pad?

Nowadays, pads are designed for ease of use, so placing them in underwear is not difficult at all. Tell your daughter to remove all packaging, including the paper tape covering the sticky surface on the back of the pad, after washing her hands. Then place the pad in the middle of the underwear and tell it to press the adhesive surface against the underwear. Make sure that the pad's wings are folded against the edges of the underwear, pulling the underwear upwards to see if it is positioned correctly. That's it.

  • How should the sanitary pads be changed?

Teach your child that he or she should change the pad at least every 3-4 hours and that he will need to repeat this more often on busy days. Also mention that there are more absorbent pads designed for busy days.

  •  Protection that lasts through the night

Choose a highly absorbent night pad for overnight protection. nappia® Night is designed to protect against leaks even in sleep.
At night, our body also enters the resting period. But this does not mean that menstrual flow does not continue. In fact, some people have more nighttime discharge.
For a good sleep, you should choose a highly absorbent pad that will protect you and your daughter throughout the night.

  • Why use a daily pad?

Daily pads can be used on all days outside of the menstrual period. It keeps your underwear clean and dry all day long against light currents. It also offers her extra protection in an emergency, as she can be irregular for the two years after her period starts.
Knowing about pad use is important for making your period positive during the first few years. Support your daughter through this period by providing her with all the information she needs to feel confident

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