How to Use Daily Pad?

How to Use Daily Pad?

How to Use Daily Pad?

Daily Pads Are Among The Products That Women Use to Prevent Discharges Other Than Menstrual Days and to Continue Their Daily Lives Easily. However, There is Also a Broad Misconception That These Products Should Always Be Used. We Will Try to Inform You a Little More About This by Answering the Question of How to Use a Daily Pad..

  • What is Vaginal Discharge?

The vagina in women is an important organ both for transmitting sperm to the uterus during sexual intercourse and for enjoying the intercourse, and is used for the expulsion of the tissue and eggs in the uterus at the end of the ovulation periods. In other words, this organ, which actually allows a two-way fluid transfer, is constantly under the influence of external conditions, and this can sometimes lead to annoying results.

The vagina, which has a unique moisture and liquid by its nature, actively protects itself against bacteria and infections that may come from the outside, thanks to this liquid. Therefore, this vaginal fluid, which flows downwards during the day, begins to disturb women if the discharge is excessive.

This excess discharge can sometimes be a sign of a disease, or sometimes it can be a little more due to hormonal balances during the ovulation period. Contamination of the liquid to the underwear and from there to the clothes can both cause the area to be excessively humid and invite bacteria, as well as create discomfort in daily life. This is where daily pads come into play.

  • What is a Daily Pad?

Contrary to the pads used during the menstrual period, daily pads have a lighter, thinner and bendable design, and their fluid absorption capacity is generally slightly lower than normal menstrual pads. Therefore, when you use them in your daily life, acting a little easier can make you forget their existence. However, since there are women who think that they will manage all day because it is a daily pad, we need to provide a little more detailed information.

Although daily pads successfully stop the discharges before and after the menstrual period, staying under the vagina all day disrupts the balance of the area and invites infections. Daily pads, which are used to stop postpartum discharge for a few weeks after giving birth, are unfortunately not as healthy as you think.

  • How to Use Daily Pad?

In order to avoid the problems we mentioned above, you should change your daily pad a few times a day and thus remove the moisture and bacteria caused by vaginal discharge from that area. Although experts recommend changing underwear during the day instead of using these pads, it is a bit difficult to carry underwear with you constantly and to change these laundry everywhere, especially with clothes such as pants.

Women who find it difficult to change their underwear during the day should of course continue to use daily pads. However, not using these pads on days when you do not have discharge and changing them regularly when you use them will provide you with the opportunities for vaginal health.

  • How to Choose a Daily Pad?

When choosing your daily pad, you should use organic cotton ones as much as possible, and stay away from pads with nylon and synthetic fabrics. Because the pads, which are prepared with unnatural materials, can also disrupt the acid-base balance in the vagina, so they can be the cause of discomforts up to infertility.

Experts do not recommend applications such as using tampons instead of daily pads, because tampons that close the exit of the vagina should not be used constantly in vaginal discharge, although they are useful on special days and holidays. Note that these products are suitable for the menstrual period.

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