Sanitary Napkin

Air Soft Economic Normal Provides sensitive protection for your skin. With its graduated locking system, it ensures that the liquid remains in the developed absorbent layer.

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Baby Diapers

Nappia baby diaper newborn is the No. 1 Choice of Pediatricians. Made from herbal material. Provides 12 hours of dryness.

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Adult Diapers

Nappia Adult Diaper M is designed for the safe and comfortable use of your patient who has severe urinary incontinence.

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Nappia Underpads Mattress Protector Cover ensures that they stay dry by laying them under or over the sheets, on surfaces such as wheels, wheelchairs or car seats.

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Wet Towels

Nappia wet towels metallic snack bar It has a pH value compatible with the skin. It is safe, practical and fragrant for parents and babies.

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Hygienic Cotton
Disc Pads

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Hair Care

Nappia Pro V Shampoo 400ml Chamomile Bath Silver Couple Suitable for use from birth, non-irritating shampoo formulated...

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Soap Bars

Nappia Hand Beauty Soap Bar is a moisturizing and nourishing mold cleanser suitable for face and body use. It gently cleans your skin and makes it soft.

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The secret of strong women

Elastic Structure

Comfortable, absorbent, reliable sanitary napkin.

Soft Tissue

Soft, comfortable and absorbent pad.

Ergonomic Form

Comfortable, absorbent, ergonomic women's pad option.

Sealed Fabric

Airtight, comfortable and safe sanitary napkin.


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